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PryIn has analyzed
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PryIn is Application Performance Monitoring
made for Elixir and Phoenix:

Notice trends in response times

PryIn shows you average and percentile values for different granularities of measurements over time. This allows you to easily spot performace decreases for your whole app or a single controller or channel. You can choose which percentile to look at.

Get to know your channels and controllers

Zoom into a controller or channel to find out what happens during each request. See which database queries are run and how they perform, how long rendering views takes, the runtime of external API calls and anything else you are interested in.

Spot problems with your BEAM resource consumption

PryIn periodically collects data about your BEAM. Memory, process and garbage collection data is recorded and analyzed. This allows you to spot, for instance, binary leaks or a growing atom table.

Extend for your personal use case

As your needs might be different from others', PryIn allows you to define custom trace groups and make them first class citizens of the PryIn UI. This way you can monitor your background jobs, non-controller plugs like Absinthe or anything else that is important to you. Grouping them allows you to view aggregated data in addition to every single traces details, just like for controllers.

Get alerts and notifications

Set up thresholds for requests, channels and custom trace groups to get alerted when things take longer than expected. You can define global thresholds ("Alert me for any request taking longer than 20ms.") and thresholds for specific groups ("Alert me when the sign-up action takes longer than 20ms.").

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We're keeping pricing simple: There are no plans to choose from.
Instead you decide how many measurements you want to purchase for every project:

  • Each project on PryIn costs $20 / month and includes 1,000,000 measurements.
  • Additional measurements cost $15 for 1,000,000.
  • Every project starts with a 14 day free trial.

No credit card required!

A measurement is any data point collected. This can be for example: a request, a database query, a view rendering or beam statistics.
All data is stored for 30 days and counts towards your measurements only during that time.
Prices are tax-exclusive. Depending on your country, VAT will be added to the final price.